Jain Vegans WhatsApp Support Group Rules

Last updated 17 January 2021.


  • The group is intended for the Jain Community to share and engage in friendly discussion around a vegan lifestyle, including but not limited to recipes, ideas, stories, web links, questions and news.

Main rule: all posts should have a clear vegan association

  • All links/shares should have a clear vegan association.
  • This group must not be used to post items or have discussions not related to a vegan lifestyle (e.g. promoting general Jain events/links/messages without a clear vegan association, promoting donations to animal sanctuaries/panjrapurs not confirmed to be vegan, etc).


  • The group is aimed at members of the Jain community who are aspiring towards a vegan lifestyle or who are already vegan.
  • Non-Jains are welcome to join if they are already vegan, can provide evidence of a clear link or association with the Jain community, and embrace the aims of the group. Non-Jain members should respect that the group is primarily aimed at members of the Jain community, and is not a general vegan discussion group.
  • Members of the group are mostly from the United Kingdom.  International members are welcome to join, but may not find that all discussions or posts are relevant to them.

General discussion etiquette

  • Please be selective and mindful when sharing links, and avoid re-sharing those which have been posted in the past. This is to avoid spamming the members of the group with similar content.
  • If discussions between two or three members arise, then please migrate conversation to another medium, to again avoid spamming other members.
  • Discussion should be friendly and considerate. Any aggression, swearing, or inappropriate language will result in removal from the group.

Permitted recipes

  • Jain-friendly recipes are preferred, but sharing of vegan non-Jain recipes is permitted (e.g. those containing onions, garlic, root veg) if a clear disclaimer is provided.
  • Please refrain from sharing recipes containing alcohol.

Business promotion

  • Members who own/run vegan businesses are welcome to very occasionally share information about the products/services/content they offer where it is relevant to the group members or to an ongoing discussion.
  • Anyone repeatedly promoting their own products/services may be asked to stop or be removed from the group, especially if it is their only type of contribution.

Moderator rights

  • Moderators have the right to issue warnings or to remove members from the group for any behaviour we deem inappropriate.