We recommend the following resources for information about health and nutrition during pregnancy and for infants

Feeding your vegan infant with confidence by Sandra Hood (ISBN 0-907337-29-5) – Sandra Hood holds a degree in dietetics from Leeds Metropolitan University and is a specialist dietician for the NHS as well as an advisor on nutrition to the Vegan Society.  The book is a practical guide from pre-conception through to pre-school.  

Vegan for life by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina (ISBN 978-0738214931) – Jack Norris and Virgina Messina are both registered dieticians.  Jack Norris is a founder of veganoutreach.org and maintains two excellent websites on vegan health and nutrition (veganhealth.org and jacknorrisrd.com).  The book is an excellent guide for vegan health and nutrition.  Chapter 9 provides recommendations for pregnant vegans and nursing mothers, and chapter 10 provides recommendations on infants, children and teenagers.

The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book by Reed Mangels (ISBN 9781440525513) – Reed Mangels is a registered dietician and lecturer in nutition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This book is more US focussed and discusses how to  find a suitable healthcare provider, how to find support/manage skeptcial friends/colleagues/family members.  The book features lots of useful recipes, but is more limited on information on raising vegan infants and children.