2022 Crowdfunding Campaign and Survey Form

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Jain Vegans is running out of funds.

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We are crowdfunding to meet webhosting costs.

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And assessing support for One Jain membership.

The JainVegans (www.jainvegans.org) website has received at least 10,000 visits a year since 2016. Up until recently, the team had been using small surpluses/donations from historic activities to meet our webhosting costs.

As our activities have slowed, our income has dried up. Without new funding, we unfortunately expect to run out of cash sometime in 2023.

The team recently discussed our options.  We felt there was opportunity to see if members of our community would be interested in contributing a small amount each year to help meet the costs of keeping our web-based resources running (currently £50/year).

Following a suggestion by a Jain Vegans supporter, we also wanted to test appetite of donors and volunteers to support One Jain membership for Jain Vegans.  One Jain is an umbrella group that helps coordinate affairs across over 30 UK Jain organisations.  We can see the benefit of Jain Vegans being mentioned in One Jain publicity along with other member organisations, and being represented at its meetings.

Membership would require an annual donation (expected to be around £50).  It would be desirable to have volunteers who could effectively represent Jain Vegans at One Jain meetings, which we understand take place a couple of times a year.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in donating at least £5 a year, or are interested in representing Jain Vegans at One Jain meetings. Grateful if you could fill out the form below.

If you are not interested in either, but know others that might be, please do share this link.

Thank you for your support in making the world a more compassionate place!

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